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Buttergoose is a small video production company based in Helsinki, Finland. We've been offering video production services since 2014 and taken part in all kinds of media projects for different kinds of customers – infomercials, music videos, tv productions, educational materials, 360 videos... you name it.

Nowadays, a big part of our work is doing post production and camera work in TV productions. But although that may be our main focus, other fun media stuff is still a meaningful piece of what we do. The hunger for doing something creative is the reason why this company was born in the first place.


So if you have an upcoming project or an idea you would like to develop further, don't hesitate to be in touch. The advantage of a small business is that communication is easy. In that way, you can be a part of the whole creative process – from pre-production to editing.


Let's create something together.

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